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What we offer

Dan Pollack Law primarily focuses on entertainment and media industry-related law, helping clients such as photographers and musicians protect and gain value from their creations.  We also provide legal services in the following areas:

  • Copyright
    Copyright enforcement, registration, strategy and general advice
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
    Intellectual property and commercial disputes: copyright, trademarks, passing off claims, trade secrets, confidential information; publicity and privacy rights; domain name issues; contract disputes
  • Commercial Agreements
    Draft, negotiate and review a variety of agreements: licensing agreements; terms and conditions; non-disclosure (confidentiality) agreements; model and property releases; website terms of use; contest rules; vendor agreements; software licensing and development; assignments relating to intellectual property rights
  • Anti-Spam, Social Media and Privacy
    Social media law, anti-spam and privacy legislation: develop policies and procedures; ensure marketing materials are consistent with statutory requirements
  • General Corporate Services and Notary Public
    Prepare incorporation documents, by-laws, shareholder agreements, company policies, business and domain name registrations; memorialize basic share transactions; handle required corporate filings; notarization services
  • Employment Contracts
    Prepare and negotiate standard employee and independent contractor agreements


This is a brief overview of the main services provided by Dan Pollack Law.  Please contact us if you require other legal assistance.  We will try our best to meet your needs or find an appropriate lawyer who can also provide “big firm” services without “big firm” rates.


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